Building Regional Test List

Netalitica has set up test lists for entire regions. They offer the opportunity to determine the accessibility of online platforms that are popular across multiple countries in a given geographical location. Sometimes, regional powers are involved in geo-political rivalry that manifests itself into blocking each other websites. In other instances, countries may lack well developed websites of their own in a given are (e.g. social media). Often in such cases, local users flock to platforms developed by neighbouring states because they share similar languages and/or cultural norms. Using regional lists will provide you with greater opportunity to test for censorship in a given state than using the test list for that state alone. You can download here the regional lists for MENA, CIS, Latin America and Africa.

Updating Citizen Lab Test Lists
Our main project – Improving Test Lists of Censored Online Content – aims to update the largest database (aka Citizen Lab Test Lists) that network measurement tools use to uncover blocking of websites in 200+ countries.