Countering Internet censorhsip in Hong Kong Trends Report

January 2020 – December 2022

Description: “Netalitica director Igor Valentovitch investigated incidents of Internet filtering in Hong Kong over a period of two years. Igor shared some findings of his research in a webinar for civil society organizations on August 23rd, 2023”

Download Igor’s presentation here. The full version of his research paper on the topic will be available for download on this page by September 30th, 2023

Countering Censorship in India – Building Indian Test List

The Bachchao Project: (9-10 October, 2021)

Description: “The event is an opportunity for all of us to take a look at censorship in India and contribute to Citizen Lab test list used by researchers, academicians, organisations and policy makers to test for censorship in India. We will discuss the challenges various sectors of civil society face when it comes to freedom of expression and censorship, and collectively work towards building a list of websites to be added to the Citizen Lab test list.”

Netalitica presentation “Updating Indian test list for measuring censorship” can be downloaded here

Internet Measurement Village

Internet Freedom Festival (Valencia, Spain – April, 2020)

Netalitica run a workshop that introduced the audience to the database for measuring Internet censorship (aka Citizen Lab test lists), discussed structure of test lists and most common problems associated with them. We offered step-by-step instructions how to tackle problematic entries and update the database. In the second part of the workshop, Netalitica presented results from measuring Internet filtering in mainland Russia and Crimea during the 2018 presidential elections to share insights into conducting network measurements and processing raw data.

Our presentation “Test lists for measuring internet censorship – applicability, problems & solutions (IFF)” can be downloaded here

Workshop on Measuring Internet Censorship

Open Technology Fund Summit (Taipei, Taiwan – November, 2019)

The workshop introduces existing databases for measuring internet censorship, looks into their major flows and ways to fix them. The second part of the workshop presents findings from a comparative study of Netalitica’s measuring of online filtering in Russia and Crimea during the Russian presidential elections in 2018.

Our presentation “Test lists for measuring Internet censorship – OTF Summit” can be downloaded here

Workshop on Measuring and Analyzing Internet Censorship

Internet Freedom Festival (Valencia, Spain – April, 2019)

Probing for blocking of critical online platforms is a key component of every project that aims to assess information controls in censorship hotspots around the world. We used OONI Probes to conduct web connectivity tests in six former Soviet Union countries over a period of three months. In this workshop, Igor shares his experience from preparing and conducting these tests. The workshop is geared towards Internet researchers, activists, media and human rights organizations. It offers practical advice regarding the following issues:

  • How to organize and prepare for network connectivity tests?
  • How to recruit and train testers?
  • How to update Citizen Lab test lists?
  • How to diversify your tests with innovative testing approaches?
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Alternative network measurement tools

Netalitica’s presentation “Conducting network measurements in censorship hotspots – lessons from the field” can be downloaded here

Citizen Lab Summer Institute

Munk School of Global Affairs – University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada – August, 2019)

Netalitica’s presentation “Improving test lists of censored online content” can be downloaded here