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Netalitica focus
Netalitica is a research organization investigating information controls and Internet filtering in censorship hotspots around the world.
Updating Citizen Lab Test Lists

Improving Test Lists of Censored Online Content – aims to update the largest database that network measurement tools use to uncover blocking of websites in 200+ countries.

Building Regional Test Lists

Netalitica has introduced a new category of test lists – regional. They are made of websites that are popular across multiple countries in a given region, but lack universal applicability to be included in the global list.


Internet Censorship Measurement
Netalitica focuses on investigating Internet blocking occurring on the network level such as blocking of websites and applications by local Internet Service Providers.

Updated Test Lists

Netalitica has updated the test lists for 47 known rivals of Internet freedom from Asia, Africa, MENA, CIS and Latin America.
Regional Test Lists

Regional Test Lists offer an excellent opportunity to probe for censorship across multiple states in a given region that may be involved in geo-political, economic, ethnic and other forms of rivalry.

Custom Test Lists

Custom test lists are tailored to answer specific research questions, rather than using the standard country lists.
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